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  Salem Lodge 289
E.A. Alter
Winston Salem, North Carolina

History of Salem Lodge 1999 Officiers Salem Lodge 1999 Events
Masonic Eastern Star Home Saints John Check our Calendar
1999 Grand Lodge Masonic Etiqute  
Entered Apprentice Fellow Craft Master Mason
The Investigating Committee    A Master's Wages
From whence came you ? Winding Stairs Geometry & letter G
Cabletow 2Pillars What is Freemasonry 
Lambskin Apron FC Working Tools MM Working Tools
The Lamb Skin  
EA Working Tools Corn, Wine & Oil Opening a Lodge
George Washington Monument Liberal Arts and Sciences Jewels of a Lodge

Learn more about Salem Lodge and Freemasonry And while you are on the Net visit {Grand Lodge Award for Communications}Winston Salem Scottish Rite

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