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N.C. Scottish Rite Masonic Foundation, Inc. One of God's Greatest miracles is that of communication. Only man has been given this power to communicate. Communication is the essence of family life. Although most of us seem to learn to communicate with little difficulty, not all of us are equally blessed. Thousands of Children in our jurisdiction are afflicted by their inability to communicate. Unless something is done, they face a lifetime of being unable to read or unable to be understood. Although many of them carry the technical label of "aphasic" or "dyslexic," they all have a problem of communication. These children are not lazy, not retarded, not emotionally disturbed. They are a great concern to all of us who love them. They and their families must be helped. Thanks to the North Carolina Scottish Rite Masonic Foundation, Inc., help is available. Funds were provided to establish clinics at Appalachian State University and East Carolina University, where programs for these children and their families have been in operation for several years. A third clinic was established at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte In July 1988, and in January 1993, it was moved to the Scottish Rite Temple on Randolph Rd. in Charlotte. Specialists and public school teachers have been trained, and thousands of children have been evaluated and treated in these clinics. The need is great and your help is needed if we are to significantly reduce the impact of childhood language disorders on future generations. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible. To make a contribution, make your check payable to: N.C. Scottish Rite Masonic Foundation, Inc., (or N.C.S.R.M.F., Inc.) and mail to P.O. Box 12745, Winston-Salem, NC 27117.

Directory of Scottish Rite Language Disorders Clinics, Centers, and Programs Of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA